Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not find the answer in the FAQs, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by expanding the questions below. 

What is the procedure to order online?

It is simple. Just select the suitable item picture as per your requirement from any of the sections. Click on Order now button, it will take you to the details of product and a form below that. Write the address, and message for greeting card. Submit the information and proceed to payment screen. Once payment is processed, procedure from the side of sender is completed. We will send an email immediately confirming the same.

Can I select the required arrangement online from the website?

Yes. Item that need to be arranged can be selected from the website from the categories - select by item, select by occasion, select by color or select by price.

Can you add a greeting card with my message printed/written on it?

Yes. A greeting card with printed message will be attached to arrangement. This message card will be handed over to the recipient in a sealed envelope.

Can I place order for a flower bouquet from any other country?

Yes. This service can be used from anywhere in the world. You can place an order from US, UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, France etc. Payment can be done through credit card or debit card. You may also opt to send money through western union money transfer. Any person or corporate customer can choose and send gifts using our website from any country.

How much time it takes for same day delivery?

We have 2 time ranges for regular days (except valentine day) Morning 10 AM to 3 PM, Afternoon 3 PM to 10 PM. We need to receive order minimum 1-2 hours before the delivery within each of these time ranges.

Can you deliver on same day of the order?

Yes. Delivery is possible on same day of the order on all the days except valentine day. We have same day service even on Fridays and other holidays.

Are you a flower shop located in Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

Yes. We have 6 physical shops that deliver flower arrangements in Dubai and gifts at any place in Dubai including free zones areas.

Is there any extra charge for delivery?

No. we do not charge amount for delivery within the city. Prices given in website for each item include all the charges of product and service.

Will the flower arrangement that you make, be same as in picture?

We make all our efforts to ensure that the arrangement would appear be same as in picture. Lilies roses etc seen in picture may be fully bloomed, but in the actual arrangement it would be partially opened. We never replace one item with another item without the consent of sender. As natural, it may appear slightly different each day and may not be same always. Number, Color, and size specified with the picture would be strictly followed.

Is it Fresh flowers? Where do they get imported from?

Yes we use only fresh blooms for all the arrangements. We directly import from Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, South Africa, India etc.


Can I add a balloon or cake to the order for flowers?

Yes. Balloon, teddy, chocolates, cake, or fruits can be selected when you fill the form online. Just click and select the required item and the cost also will be added.

Can I get some changes done in the arrangement as per the special requirement?

Yes. We can make changes in style or color while making the arrangement. There will be no extra charges for this. (Eg: If you have selected 24 red rose and need to get the color changed to white, it is possible) We can also increase or decrease the number of flowers as per the requirement. Difference in amount can be settled while making the payment. We are flexible on this and only the time available for same day service would be a matter of concern. If any changes required you can mention the same in special instruction within the request or can be sent by email (

Can the flowers be delivered to any place in UAE?

Yes we deliver to any place within U.A.E on same day

What are the methods of Payment?

We provide the facility to pay by credit card, debit card , bank transfer to (ADIB or FGB) or cash collection from an office. Anyone can buy the best online flowers UAE using this easiest order processing website.

What about the service on Valentine day?

Order need to be placed at least by 13th February for execution on 14th February. Same service is not available on 13th and 14th February.